Friday, 4 February 2011

Ruan Potts vs Calven Robinson Heavyweight Fight

Ruan “Fangzz” Potts (10-0) and Calven “The Butcher” Robinson (8-0) both came into the fight looking big, strong and focussed. A battle of undefeated Goliaths, this fight promised to be exciting and would certainly put an end to one of the fighters’ impressive win streaks.

After a friendly touch of gloves in the centre of the Hexagon, Calven Robinson began stalking Ruan Potts. This lasted all of 20 seconds, before a Potts leg kick unbalanced Robinson, and pushing forward, Potts managed to close the distance and tie The Butcher up against the cage. The two monsters battled for supremacy in the clinch, landing occasional inconsequential short shots.

Robinson eventually managed to free his arms and land a few body shots, but this enabled Potts, who had a arm over his head, to complete a Muay Thai plum and land two vicious knees, the second of which sent Robinson to the canvas. Potts followed him to the ground and from a mounted position landed a flurry of heavy punches to Robinson’s head. Robinson maintained a high defensive position, using his forearms to shield his face, but was not defending himself intelligently and referee Arno Pienaar was forced to call a stop to the bout at 1:20 into round 1. Ruan Potts was declared the winner via TKO.

Ruan Potts certainly made a dream start to his EFC career statement to the EFC heavyweight division. Potts’ next opponent will do well to be weary of  his devastating Muay Thai skills. After the bout Calven Robinson announced his retirement from professional MMA. His professional career record was 8 wins 1 loss.

EFC 07 - Ruan Potts vs Calven Robinson Full Fight Video

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