Thursday, 1 March 2012

EFC 12 Weigh in results

Reality began to set in as the EFC Africa 12 fighter weigh-ins took place this afternoon at Carnival City in Johannesburg.... EFC 12 is here. 

The pre fight weigh ins are always a great time to vaguely access how a fighters training camp has gone, and if these assessments are even remotely accurate, EFC Africa 12 should be a spectacular event.  All of the fighters seem to be on weight for their fights tomorrow night and every contender came to the weigh ins in spectacular physical shape, the product of many months of hard physical work. This is great sign for EFC 12 and South African MMA in general, as it is a sign of increasing professional attitude towards the sport. 

The weigh-ins however were not without controversy as Garreth “Soliderboy” McLellan was forced to take off ever item of clothing to sneak below the 84kg mark. Not shy, the Fight Fit Militia fighter gladly obliged and successfully made his weight, much to the amusement of the EFC Africa Hexagon girls. 

Denzil Wait too missed his cut off of 66.5kg. Wait was given two hours to drop the necessary weight. Though no news has yet been released, I am confident that he should be able to achieve the weight cut required and the show will go on unhitched. 

Here are the official EFC 12 weigh in results:

EFC 12 Undercard fights

Fight 1: Dino Bertolis 66.2kg, Francois Groenewald 64.6kg
Fight 2: Gareth Buirski 66kg, Koba Iakobidze 65.8kg
Fight 3: Josh Muller 77.3kg, Wade Henderson 77.5kg
Fight 4: Markus Taljaard 69.4kg, Ryan van Niekerk 69.7kg
Fight 5: Boyd Allen 70kg, Donald Nzirawa 69.45kg
Fight 6: Ricky Misholas 102kg, Paul Kietzmann 97.3kg
Fight 7: JP Kruger 83.3kg, Pete Motaung 83.8kg
Fight 8: Danie van Heerden 83.8kg, Donavin Hawkey 84kg

EFC 12 Maincard fights

Fight 9: Raymond Ahana 91.4kg, Sean Robinson 93.4kg
Fight 10: Michiel Opperman 77.2kg, Dino Bagattin 77.5kg
Fight 11: Denzil Wait 66.9kg (500g over), Wesley Hawkey 66.4kg
Fight 12: Jeremy Smith 83.2kg, Garreth McLellan 83.9kg

EFC 12 Weigh-in Photo Gallery
The EFC has uploaded a Weigh in picture gallery to their facebook page. This gallery contains photos of each fighter as well as the stare downs. Click here to view pictures for the EFC 12 weigh in


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