Saturday, 3 March 2012

Jeremy Smith is the new EFC Africa Middleweight Champion

Johannesburg, 2 March 2012. After a lifetime of hard work, many years polishing his game,  many intense months of banter riddle training and a few rounds in the EFC Africa Hexagon, Jeremy “The Pitbull” Smith finally earned the most coveted title in South African MMA – The EFC Africa Middleweight title.

Headlining EFC 12’s main event, Jeremy Smith battled hard with former Middleweight champion Garreth McLellan for 3 rounds, with each fighter giving his best and receiving that of the other. Then, early in the fourth McLellan made a costly error, giving up his neck and allowing The Pitbull to capitalise on the exposed appendage. This would be the end of Soldierboy’s night and with it his reign atop the South African MMA Middlweight division, as Jeremy Smith locked in a tight guillotine choke which forced McLellan to tap.

A true champion, Jeremy Smith was humble in victory and thanked Garreth McLellan for the fight, saying he enjoyed it very much. In fact, the fight itself was fought in great spirits between the two opponents, who obviously have a healthy respect for each other. This however did not stop them from unloading some vicious shots on each other in a fight which certainly delivered on all the hype.

Both gentlemen are great ambassadors for the sport of MMA in South Africa, and their epic action packed main event fight will surely go a long way to earning new fans, especially since being broadcast to a much wider audience on eTV.

Congratulations to Jeremy Smith on becoming the new EFC Africa Middleweight champion. I am really looking forward to watching Smith defend his EFC belt in the future.


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