Saturday, 7 April 2012

EFC Africa 13 fight predictions

With EFC Africa 13 less than a week away, I have taken the time to put my official EFC 13 fight predictions down on paper.  As is customary with predicting fights, this was no easy task. There are many close fights and many new fighters and I was often left in two minds as to who I thought would win. Still, like a true warrior I have managed to overcome said obstacles. Here are my EFC 13 predictions:

Dallas Jakobi vs Jadyson Costa (Welterweight title fight)

Dallas Jakobi will come out the aggressor and want to play to his strengths and keep the fight standing. Jadyson Costa will exchange with the champion, but always look for an opportunity to take the fight to ground. Short of a big Jakobi bomb landing, the fight will eventually go to ground and here is where it gets real. Jakobi has shown brutal ground and pound and will look to work the top position en route a TKO stoppage. Costa however, is just that much sharper off his back than Jakobi’s previous opponents, opponents who have put the champ in precarious situations. I believe Jadyson Costa will sneak in a triangle choke in the closing moments of the first frame to become the new EFC Africa Welterweight champion.

Bernardo Mikixi vs Calven Robinson (Heavyweight)

Bernardo Mikixi and Calven Robinson are huge, powerful athletes and both possess knock out power. This fight could go either way, but I predict a fair amount of time will be spent in the clinch where  Robinson will be the more effective fighter. I have Robinson by TKO in the first.

Don Madge vs Leon Mynhardt (Lightweight)

Both Mynhardt and Madge will fancy their chances standing and this promises to be a striking match out of the top drawer. It is possible that either fighter adopts a  tactical ground-based game plan to counter the other, but somehow the likelihood of this fight going to the ground seems slim and the chances of it finishing there even slimmer. I predict an action packed fight, with both fighters landing some power shots. It really could go either way, but I think Don Madge will use his height and reach to take the fight away from Leon Mynhardt in the second round en route a TKO victory.

Martin van Staden vs Michiel Opperman (Welterweight)

Michiel Opperman is not the most aggressive striker, which plays into Martin van Staden’s hands, as given time he is an expert at identifying and exploiting weaknesses. As the fight progresses,  I believe van Staden will begin to dictate the pace and look to take it to the mat. A lot will depend on Opperman’s ability to land counter strikes while defending the take down. I believe Van Staden will have a tough time getting him down, but will eventually succeed in the second round, secure his position and end the fight via ground and pound TKO.

Dino Bagattin vs Francois Kabulu (Welterweight)

There is no doubt in my mind that this fight will take place predominantly on the feet. Francois Kabulu will likely push forward and throw his trademark bombs, while Bagattin will look to find his range and counter his somewhat wilder opponent. Such a bout could end with a single punch, but I believe Bagattin will keep his composure, use good movement and pick his shots to simply outbox Kabulu. After landing several shots throughout the fight, I believe Dino Bagattin with floor Kabulu in the second round to earn a TKO victory.

Norman Wessels vs Dain Neveling (Light Heavyweight)

I must admit, I have not seen Dain Neveling fight, but from what I have read he has a solid ground game and knockout power – a deadly combination. Wessels however, is a master tactician with an all round MMA game and a wealth of experience in the EFC Hexagon. I believe Norman Wessels will come into the fight well prepared, likely take the fight to the ground and end it in the first round.

Wade Henderson vs James Le Roux (Middleweight)

Wade Henderson has been extremely active against high level opposition of late. This will give him a huge advantage against Le Roux, who has not fought in the EFC since 2010.  Henderson will dictate this fight from the onset and win via TKO in the first round.

Ricky Misholas vs Mahmoud Hassn (Heavyweight)

This will likely be a heavyweight slugfest. Mahmoud Hassn is a very dangerous professional boxer, but  Misholas will fancy his stand-up skills after his knockout victory at EFC 12. I think Hassn will be crisper and finish Misholas via first round KO.

Abdul Hassan vs Leo Gloss (Featherweight)

Hassan and Gloss are two of the most experienced featherweights in the EFC. Both men are coming off losses and will want to return to their winning ways. I believe Gloss will be the stronger fighting on his feet, and with his improving take down defence and ground skills, will be able to eke out a unanimous decision victory.

Mahmoud Salama vs Jason Culverwell (Light Heavyweight)

I don’t know either of these fighters, but off records alone, I have to bet on Mahmoud Salama to take the win. As debutants I imagine they will start slowly and we will likely see the second round. I predict Salama will use his kickboxing and MMA experience to earn himself  a TKO stoppage in the second round.

Johan van Staden vs Alain Ilunga (Lightweight)

Johan van Staden should defeat the debutante Ilunga without too many problems. Van Staden, who recently moved to the FightFit Militia camp, looks in great shape and has a wealth of experience. I believe he will win via first round submission.

Armand De Bruyn vs Abrie Valentine (Middleweight)

Armand De Bruyn has not seen the second round in the EFC Hexagon, I don’t believe things will change at EFC 13. I believe De Bruyn will dictate the fight and defeat Valentine via first round TKO.  


So you basically base your predictions on what happened in their last fights. nice. at least you had the sense to call Costa.

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