Tuesday, 17 April 2012

MMA Light Heavyweight Rankings - April 2012

It has been a while since the South Africa light heavyweight division has been in the limelight. This all changed at EFC Africa 13 weigh-ins, when Norman Wessels and Dain Neveling stole the show. The action between the two continued in the Hexagon on fight night and ended in rather brutal fashion. The aftermath... a new fighter atop my light heavyweight rankings.  

1. Norman “Chef” Wessels (5-2)

Former EFC Africa heavyweight champion Norman Wessels had a dream start to his light heavyweight campaign, defeating Dain Neveling in the first round at EFC 13. Wessels, who transformed from a small heavyweight into a large light heavyweight, looked at his fighting best and will be a serious challenge for anyone in the division.

2. Chett “The Threat” Meyer (5-1)

Chett Meyer is one of the original EFC Light heavyweights. After a stumble against Lance Ceronio at EFC Africa 2, The Threat has bounced back with an impressive 3 fight winning streak. Chett Meyer is rumoured to be fighting JP Joubert for the vacant EFC Africa Light heavyweight title in the near future.

3. JP “The Bull” Joubert (3–2)

A former heavyweight fighter, JP Joubert had a slow start to his professional career, but managed to bounce back nicely, winning his last 3 fights. The Bull has also looked a lot more comfortable since dropping to Light Heavyweight, and is rumoured to have earned himself an EFC title shot against Chett Meyer. 

4. Paul van Vuuren (3-0)

Paul van Vuuren had a destructive run in Fight Force in 2010, managing to rack up 3 first round victories before returning to the US. Van Vuuren has wins over Jeremy Scheepers and Tumelo Maphutha. Though he has not fought in South Africa in over a year, to date Youngblood’s impressive spree has still not been matched by many in the Light Heavyweight division. 

5. Jeremy “Happy Feet” Scheepers (34-14)

Jeremy Scheepers is one of the most experienced MMA fighters in South Africa and has fought some of the country’s finest fighters. Scheepers has lost to two men on this list and has notable wins over Danie van Heerden, Michiel Opperman, Jacquest Joubert and Wade Henderson.


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