Sunday, 15 April 2012

MMA Welterweight rankings - April 2012

EFC 13 shook up the welterweight division, but in many ways added some definition and clarity. For the first time we have a definite champion, Jadyson Costa, and challenger, Michiel Opperman, and can look forward to another great welterweight title fight. The rest of the division is also stacked with top athletes who will ensure that the welterweight champion will have no shortage of great fights and the champion no shortage of quality opposition.

1. Jadyson Costa (13–12)

Jadyson “Little Wanderlei” Costa proved just how good he is at EFC 13. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt bested Dallas Jakobi in a predominantly stand-up affair to become the new EFC Africa welterweight champion. Having proved he has a very well rounded MMA game, Jadyson Costa (3-0 EFC) has the tools required for a long stint as champion.

2. Michiel Opperman (10-6)

Currently on a 7 fight winning streak (3-0 EFC), Michiel Opperman continued to impress at EFC 13 as he defeated Martin van Staden via standing Guillotine choke. With this victory Opperman put it beyond doubt as to who the number one welterweight contender is and will surely face Jadyson Costa for the title in the near future.

3. Martin “The Punisher” van Staden (18-6)

Martin van Staden was certainly not outclassed in his EFC 13 clash with Opperman. The Punisher spent the majority of the fight in a dominant position before being caught in a standing Guillotine. Still a threat to the welterweight division, van Staden will surely be back with a vengeance.  

4. Dallas Jakobi (12-5)

At EFC 13 Dallas Jakobi tasted defeat for the first time at welterweight. Jakobi (1-1 WW) still has plenty of great matches available in the division and will look to rebuild his way to the top .

5. Dino “The Lion” Bagattin (9-2)

Dino Bagattin returned to his winning ways with a controversial split decision win against Francois Kabulu at EFC 13. The Lion landed some nice shots but never really found a rhythm standing. He did however look to have improved on his ground game and managed to neutralise Kabulu effectively. Bagattin has some tough opponents ahead of him, but is still within sight of a title shot.

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