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EFC Africa 13 fight breakdown

With EFC 13 safely in the record books, he is a breakdown of the fights as they happened last night. For a full breakdown of the fight results and stats, ready my article: EFC 13 fight results

Mahmoud Salama vs Jason Culverwell

Light Heavyweight fight
Both Salama and Culverwell came to fight, there is no doubt about that. The fight got going quickly with some big exchanges and both fighters landed and took some heavy shots. Minutes in, Culverwell managed to drop Salama with a big shot and pounced upon his downed opponent. Culverwell secured half guard and began to work his ground game, landing big shots and knees until an arm presented itself. Culverwell was quick to take advantage of the opportunity and ended the bout via a first round Kimura.

Mike Vermeulen vs Morne Marais

Heavyweight fight
As expected, Vermeulen came out very aggressive, throwing some big punches. Marais looked calm and light on his feet. The two exchanged some minor shots, Vermeulen landing punches and Marais a couple of inconsequential kicks. Marais eventually landed a beautiful double leg take down on a pressing Vermeulen and began to work his high level grappling game. He quickly took Vermeulens back, then transitioned to mount and landed some heavy ground and pound, forcing Vermeulen to give up his back once more. This time Marais sunk in a rear-naked choke to end the bout in the first round.

Abdul Hassan vs Leo Gloss

Featherweight fight
Abdul Hassan managed to get the fight to the ground quickly in the first and here the fight would remain. Gloss tried tie up Hassan and get the fight stood up, but Hollywood kept busy. A few flurries saw some heavy shots landed on Gloss who was badly swollen at the end of round 1. Round 2 was fairly even, Gloss landed some big shots and Hassan a take down, could have gone either way on the judges’ cards. Round 3 was back and forward, eventually Hassan got Gloss to the canvas again and continued to work. With just over a minute on the clock, Gloss managed to sweep Hassan and land some late Ground and Pound. Abdul dictated the majority of the fight and won a split decision.

Armand De Bruyn vs Abrie Valentine

Middleweight fight
Abrie Valentine came out swinging haymakers, De Bruyn was a little more relaxed and worked his leg kicks well. De Bruyn showed great Judo takedowns, the first of which Valentine reversed nicely and ended up on top. De Bruyn managed to get up and the two resumed the standing battle. With seconds left on the clock, De Bruyn landed another beautiful take down, secured top position and whipped on a very impressive armbar to take the first round submission win.

Mahmoud Hassan vs Ricky Misholas

Heavyweight fight
Both fighters came to brawl and started swinging wildly from the start. After a takedown by Hassan which saw a brief stint on the ground, the two juggernaughts were back on their feet swinging. Hassan managed to clip Misholas with a big right which sent him to the canvas. Hassan then swarmed the downed Misholas who verbally submitted.

Wade Henderson vs James Le Roux

Middleweight fight
After a few minor exchanges standing, the fight was taken to the ground. Henderson worked well off his back to secure and armbar, but Le Roux reacted quickly and slammed him head first into the canvas. Henderson quickly recovered and worked his way back to another armbar and this time finished the fight via submission.

Norman Wessels vs Dain Neveling

Light Heavyweight fight
The two fighters had exchanged shots on the feet for a short period before Wessels landed a takedown and took top mount. Neveling managed to escape rather impressively and regain his feet. This did not last long however, as Wessels secured another take down, secured his position and became to land some vicious elbows. A bloodied Neveling eventually gave up his back, which Wessels took and sunk in a deep rear-naked choke to win via first round submission.

Dino Bagattin vs Francois Kabulu

Welterweight fight
Dino Bagattin looked impressive on the feet once more, and managed to drop Kabulu in the first round. Kabulu was quickly back on his feet and used some good wrestling to take Bagattin down and maintain a dominant position. Bagattin managed to avoid much damage on the ground, but did tire from his defensive work. The rest of the fight consisted of occasional immaterial flurries and the odd punch landing intermittently. Kabulu did land another take down or two, but was unable to press this advantage. Bagattin was awarded a split decision victory.

Martin van Staden vs Michiel Opperman

Welterweight fight
Martin van Staden closed the distance quickly and got the clinch. Opperman looked impressive in the clinch though, and landed some good knees while Van Staden looked for the takedown, which he finally got in impressive style, slamming Opperman into the mat. Opperman immediately looked for a Guillotine, but couldn’t close his guard and van Staden passed into side control. Opperman defended well of his back and worked his way back to his feet. The two fighers tie up again and Opperman sinks in a standing Guillotine. Van Staden attempts another slam unsuccessfully and Opperman cranks his Guillotine to force the tap from Van Staden in the first round.

Don Madge vs Leon Mynhardt

Lightweight fight
Madge found his range quickly and looked clinical in the first round, landing shots almost at will. A dominant Madge almost finished the fight in the first, landing huge punches on a fallen Mynhardt, who was saved by the bell. Mynhardts face was a bloody mess. Round two however saw Madge slow and Mynhardt took the fight too him, landing impressive shots of his own. The third was more of the same, as Mynhardt continued to land the better shots. A punch to the face forced Madge to back off complaining of an eye gouge and signalling to the ref to call a timeout. The referee did just that, ending the fight and awarding Mynhardt a verbal submission victory, much to the dismay of Madge and the Cape Town crowd.

Bernardo Mikixi vs Calven Robinson

Heavyweight fight
Mikixi and Robinson spent most of the first round pressed against the cage. Robinson landed some knees, but was eventually taken down and brutalised by some big Mikixi hammerfists. The referee quickly stopped the beating to earn Mikixi a first round TKO victory.

Dallas Jakobi vs Jadyson Costa

Welterweight fitle fight
Jadyson Costa dominated the four round title fight from the get go, using clinical counter punching to score almost at will. Costa looked like he was really enjoying himself as he taunted the former champion and continued to land punches and kicks throughout the fight. In the first and third rounds Dallas Jakobi was saved by the bell. The fourth round saw Costa drop a busted Jakobi and quickly finish him to become the new EFC Africa Welterweight champion


Do take downs count differently in South African MMA scoring? The 2nd round of Don and Leon's fight was all Don. I was ringside and the majority of Leon's punches and Elbows were landing on Don's forearms. Leon had 2 failed takedown attempts and Don scored 2 takedowns one ending the round. I am not sure how anyone could have scored the 2nd round for Leon. I also can't figure out why if there was no eye poke, or the referee didn't see anything why he would not have instructed Don to defend himself and or keep fighting, instead he stopped the fight and gave a decision. It does not fly with me. If a fighter claims a ball shot or an eye poke etc... and brings it to the referee's attention he should tell the fighter that he didn't see it and he should fight on. It was a bad miscommunication and both Don and Wikus made mistakes but unless Don said I am done, which he didn't Wikus should have told him to fight on not stopped the fight. In my opinion very poor decision.

Just to clear the air Don had an equipment malfunction. His mouth guard split in half and he had just swallowed half his tooth. He was trying to tell the referee. Under unified rules the referee should have called an equipment timeout and allowed Don to replace his mouth guard the same for a lost mouth guard or loose tape on the gloves etc. The fight should never have been called, unless the EFC has different rules. Don's mistake was that he stopped fighting because he thought the ref was going to stop it and let him change his mouth guard. Definitely disappointing in a fight he was winning in every aspect despite your interpretation of it. I

You have to protect yourself at all times. He turned his back, which is a submission. Not much else the ref could have done.

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