Saturday, 14 April 2012

Cape Town's EFC 13 in retrospect

Cape Town has officially joined the ranks of cities to have hosted an Extreme Fighting Championship Event. Here is an overview of the event that was EFC 13.

My EFC 13 predictions

Once again some of my predictions were spot on, others completely wrong and a few accurate in terms of the nature of the fight but incorrect in terms of the result. Such is fighting. I did manage to win on BetXchange, so all things considered I am quite happy.
*I didn’t publish a result for Marais vs Vermeulen as it was added late. Van Staden vs Ilunga was cancelled.

My EFC 13 fight of the night

Don Madge vs Leon Mynhardt was a spectacular back and forth striking affair between two of South Africa’s top Muay Thai fighters. Madge dominated the first round and almost finished the fight there and then, but Mynhardt was saved by the bell. In round two, a bloodied Leon Mynhardt took the fight to Madge and the two fighters continued to exchange accurate strikes. The third round was another strike fest , until a miscommunication between Don Madge and referee Wikus Swart ended the fight in rather anticlimactic fashion. In my opinion Swart was spot on, and Mynhardt was awarded a hard fought victory. At the time of stoppage I had the scores level.

My EFC 13 submission of the night

There was no shortage of submissions to choose from at EFC 13. The best submission for me was Michiel Opperman’s standing Guillotine choke in his number one contender fight against Martin van Standen. Opperman showed great strength and technique to execute the submission perfectly and earn the tap from Van Staden.

My EFC 13 knockout of the night

My knockout of the night was Jadyson Costa’s knockout of Dallas Jakobi to become the new EFC Africa Welterweight Champion. Costa peppered the former champion with shots for the majority of their four round title fight, before landing a huge right which sent Dallas Jakobi sprawling into the cage and then the floor. As Jadyson Costa swarmed, the referee stopped the bout.

My EFC 13 fighter of the night

For me, Michiel Opperman was the most impressive fighter of the night. The kickboxer proved just how much he has improved in his ground game, by not only surviving an early onslaught from dangerous fighter Martin van Staden, but then turning the tides and submitting him. Opperman is now on a 7 fight winning streak, including huge wins over Dino Bagattin and Martin van Staden, who are both adorn my top 5 welterweight rankings list.

My EFC 13 Surprise fighter of the night

Jason Culverwell impressed me in his professional MMA debut. The former AFL champion took to the big stage with relative ease and looked calm and collected inside the Hexagon. Culverwell has a bright future ahead of him in the EFC. 


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