Friday, 11 May 2012

Darren Daniel vs Tyron Rightford at EFC 15?

For some time now rumours have been circulating about the return of middleweight favourite Darren Daniel to the Hexagon. While nothing has been made official, these rumours appear to have some merit.

Today EFC matchmaker Graeme Cartmell announced that Tyron Rightford had signed his contract for EFC 15. This tweet set in motion a sequence of events which has very likely ended in one of the biggest MMA fights of the year.

Here is a snippet of events which happened on twitter earlier today:

Graeme Cartmell ‏ @EFCGraeme
This guy signed for a fight ... And he's ready for a BIG one!

Tyron Rightford ‏ @TyronTheRush
@EFCGraeme and I want DD make it happen!!!! @EFCAFRICA @FightersOnlySA he ether puts up or shuts up stop hiding...

Double D ‏ @_DarrenDaniel_
@TyronTheRush @EFCGraeme @EFCAFRICA @FightersOnlySA listen clown I asked for you so stop making a noise, its ON!!

Tyron Rightford ‏ @TyronTheRush
@_DarrenDaniel good can't wait 2 knock the dust out of ur has been name, so I hope u sign asap... Go hav another drink I'll even buy it 4u

Double D ‏ @_DarrenDaniel_
@TyronTheRush @EFCGraeme @EFCAFRICA you gonna be drinking through a straw when Im done with you.Just make sure u don't fake another injury

Graeme Cartmell ‏ @EFCGraeme
@_DarrenDaniel_ @tyrontherush @efcafrica @fightersonlysa guess I'll see you 1st thing Monday morning

Now I am not a soothsayer, but this very much looks to me like a fight in the making. Lets hold thumbs that first thing Monday morning this can be signed sealed delivered and we will be in for an amazing fight. The one question that is raises with me is this - Who is fighting Jeremy Smith for the EFC Middleweight title?


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