Thursday, 3 May 2012

Costa Ioannou vs Adam Speechly - EFC 14

The co-main event for the EFC's 14th event will feature a lightweight title fight. Reigning EFC Africa lightweight champion Costa Ioannou will defend his title for the second time against former EFC welterweight champion Adam Speechly.

Costa Ioannou

Costa Ioannou (4-0) has been rampant in the EFC lightweight division. The champion has defeated Brendon Katz, William Bentley, Wentzel Nel and Alex Cheboub in convincing fashion. With a long list of high level scalps, Costa Ioannou has almost cleaned out the division, leaving the EFC matchmakers with the tough task of finding worthy opponents for the lightweight kingpin. 

Costa Ioannou

Adam "The Prodigy" Speechly 

Adam Speechly (12-3, 4-2 EFC) is highly regarded as one of the best grapplers and MMA fighters in South Africa. Speechly was dominant in the EFC welterweight division, losing only once to Lebanese fighter Abdullah Hamdan, en route to winning the EFC Africa welterweight title. The Prodigy however was unable to defend his title against Dallas Jakobi at EFC Africa 10, where he lost a unanimous decision. Speechly will now drop to lightweight for the first time to challenge Ioannou.

Adam Speechly

Costa Ioannou vs Adam Speechly at EFC Africa 14

There was a lot of controversy surrounding Adam Speechly's title shot, but that aside I believe he is a good opponent for Costa Ioannou (#2 Pound for pound rankings). Both fighters have been at the top of the MMA scene, have been EFC champions and have extremely high level ground games. This is not only a fight between two of the top lightweights, but two of the top fighters in South Africa. 


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