Thursday, 10 May 2012

EFC 15: Chett Meyer fighting at Middleweight

The EFC announced today that fighter Chett Meyer (#2 Light Heavyweight Rankings) would be dropping down to Middleweight to fight at EFC Africa 15. The former light heavyweight fighter cited a need for more regular fights against high level opponents as his motive for the drop in weight.

The move comes as somewhat of a surprise, as rumours had been circulating about a possible Light Heavyweight title bout between Chett Meyer and JP Joubert at EFC Africa 15, something Meyer was all but certain of getting. Meyer instead, will now enter a very stacked Middleweight division with fighters like Tyron Rightford, Garreth McLellan and Danie van Heerden all vying for a title shot. In the ever competitive division, Meyer is surely two solid performances away from earning himself a title fight.

While the move is not entirely without merit from long term career perspective, the timing is somewhat suspicious. Chett Meyer had stated in a recent interview that he had no immediate plans to move down from light heavyweight. What then sparked the change?

One school of thought is that Meyer dropped to avoid a potential clash with teammate and training partner Norman "Chef" Wessels, who recently made his presence felt as a title contender in the Light Heavyweight division. The counter argument is that Meyer faces the same possibility of facing teammate Garreth "Soldierboy" McLellan at Middleweight. The fuller middleweight division does however offer more options for Meyer, and the likelihood of a clash with a teammate is greatly lessened.

Regardless of the reason, the move is made and we can look forward to seeing how Chett Meyer performs as a middleweight at EFC Africa 15 when he faces off against Donavin "Bam Bamz" Hawkey.


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