Saturday, 19 May 2012

EFC14 - Koba Iakobidze vs Alain Ilunga

Just days after the announcement of the final fight for EFC 14, the event has undergone some changes. Two of the initial featherweight fights have been cancelled, and in their place a new featherweight and middleweight fight have been announced.

Cancelled featherweight fights for EFC14

Georgian boxer Koba Iakobidze was originally slated to fight George Micouris in a featherweight clash, while EFC debutant Alain Ilunga was scheduled to fight grappling threat Francois Groenewald. Both of these fights have been cancelled.

Koba Iakobidze vs Alain Ilunga at EFC14

With the abovementioned cancellations, Koba Iakobidze will now face Alain Ilunga in a featherweight bout. This is the third time in two events that Ilunga has had his debut EFC opponent changed. The young Capetonian fighter will undoubtedly be anxious to get his first EFC fight behind him. 


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