Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wade Groth vs Markus Taljaard - EFC Africa 14

Wade Groth and Markus Taljaard will face off in a lightweight fight at EFC Africa 14.

Wade "The Warrior" Groth

Wade Groth (1-1) has experienced mixed fortunes in the EFC Hexagon. The Warrior defeated Ashley Calvert via KO in his debut to kick-start his professional MMA career. Groth however was bested by Don Madge in his second bout via TKO. Initially scheduled to fight Boyd Allen at EFC 12, Groth was forced to withdraw due to injury. Now, after almost 7 months away from the Hexagon, Wade Groth will return to face Markus Taljaard.

Wade Groth

Markus Taljaard

Markus Taljaard (3-1) suffered his first professional defeat against Ryan van Niekerk at EFC 12. Taljaard, who took the fight on one days notice, showed some impressive stand-up skills in the Hexagon against a very credible opponent. Markus Taljaard will look to learn from this experience and return to the cage on 1 June better than ever.

Markus Taljaard

Wade Groth vs Markus Taljaard at EFC Africa 14

Both Wade Groth and Markus Taljaard are fairly new signings to the EFC and looking to build their careers within the promotion. The two fighters are also coming off their first defeats, both against very respectable opponents. This fight will allow us to see how each fighter can bounce back from the aforementioned loss, something which may ultimately be career defining.  


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