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Danie "Pitbull" Van Heerden - Fighter Profile

About Danie van Heerden

Danie “Pitbull” van Heerden comes from a boxing family, and so naturally started his fighting career as an amateur boxer. He had one amateur fight and then got involved in wrestling. Van Heerden excelled as a wrestler and earned Sedibeng colours, coming second at the national wrestling championship. Van Heerden would go on to become a pro wrestler, but scripted fights weren’t his calling and he moved into MMA where he was the master of his destiny.

Fighting in the EFC

Danie van Heerden began his EFC career at heavyweight, facing international fight Muhannad Barazi in a fight he won via KO in round one. This fight earned him a fight against Norman Wessels, in what would turn out to be a number one heavyweight contender fight. Van Heerden lost back to back fights against Wessels and JP Joubert before returning to his winning ways against Jake Els at EFC Africa 5.

Leaving the EFC and redefining himself

After his victory against Jake Els in October 2010, van Heerden left the EFC, but continued to fight in other promotions including XFC Africa and Fight Force. Here Van Heerden enjoyed mixed results, losing to Jeremy Scheepers and Michiel Opperman, but defeating Craig Fourie (twice). During this time, Danie van Heerden redefined himself as a fighter and dropped two weight divisions to become a middleweight fighter.

Fighting at middleweight

The result of his tenure outside the EFC was career defining for Danie van Heerden as he looked a completely different fighter at middleweight. In his new division, van Heerden is a huge man, and although he weighs in at 84kg, he must enter the Hexagon closer to 95kg. Van Heerden has enjoyed some success at middleweight and has strung together two impressive wins, including a win over ranked fighter Donavin Hawkey.

Road towards the EFC middleweight title

With his win over Donavin Hawkey, Danie van Heerden announced himself as a genuine contender in the middleweight division. The EFC were quick to take notice of this and have slated him to fight former middleweight champion Garreth “Soldierboy” McLellan in what could prove to be a number one contender bout at EFC 14. With this win, and at most one more, Danie van Heerden will surely earn himself a shot at middleweight gold.

Danie van Heerden stats

Nickname: Pitbull                                 
Age: 25
Height: 6’2” (187cm)
Weight: 84 Kg
Weight division: Middleweight
Stance: Orthadox
Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa
Fight team: World of Warriors
Twitter profile: @daniepitbull

Danie van Heerden fight stats

All time stats – 9 wins, 4 losses
EFC Stats – 3 wins, 2 losses (2 KO, 1 Submissions)

Danie van Heerden EFC fights

Donavin Hawkey
Submission (Rear-naked choke)
Jake Els
TKO (Punches)
EFC Africa 5
JP Joubert
Submission (Armbar)
EFC Africa 3
Norman Wessels
TKO (Punches)
EFC Africa 2
Muhannad Barazi
KO (Punch)
EFC Africa 1

Danie van Heerden Fighting Achievements

Sedibeng colours for wrestling
Second at SA national wrestling championships

Danie van Heerden MMA South Africa Awards

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