Friday, 2 March 2012

Meyer vs Joubert at EFC 14?

EFC Africa 14 is not a very popular topic of conversation at the moment. How could it be with the hype surrounding EFC 12 reaching its pinnacle and that of EFC 13 in Cape Town beginning to build. Still, the thought of this event is lurking somewhere in the back of every fight fans mind. 

A few rumours have begun to circulate surrounding the EFC’s third event for the year, and while the guilty parties may be getting ahead of themselves, there may yet be some merit in these allegations. The major rumour surrounding EFC 14, which is supposed to take place in May 2012, is firmly attached to the promotions only vacant belt, the Light Heavyweight belt.

With three firm contenders for the title shot, there was always going to be some speculation as to who would compete in the imminent light heavyweight title bout. The three men in question are:

Chett Meyer

Chett “The Threat” Meyer (5-1)

Fight Fit Militia’s Chett Meyer is the number 1 rated Light Heavyweight in the EFC. With a 4-1 record in the EFC, Meyer is currently on a 3 fight winning streak. The Threat holds EFC wins over David McVay, James Le Roux, Riaan Lombard and Thumelo Maphuta. Meyer has only lost in the EFC Hexagon once, a submission loss to Lance Ceronio at EFC Africa 2.


J.P. Joubert

J.P. “The Bull” Joubert (3-3)

Team Mayhems’s JP Joubert is also on a 3 fight winning streak. With an EFC career spanning two divisions, Joubert (3-2 EFC) has only lost in the heavyweight division. The Bull holds EFC wins over Danie van Heerden Gina Ifuki and Jeremy Scheepers. Now a staple in the Light Heavyweight division, Joubert is certainly a dangerous contender. JP Joubert was also rated as the most vicious light heavyweight in the EFC by MMA South Africa

Norman Wessels

Normal “Chef” Wessels (4-2)

Fight Fit Militia’s Norman Wessels decided to drop to Light Heavyweight after losing his heavyweight title to Ruan Potts at EFC Africa 11. With an impressive 3-1 record in the EFC’s heavyweight division, Wessels may rather ironically end up being a major threat in the Light Heavyweight division. Wessels holds wins over Bertus Coetzee, Danie van Heerden and Bernardo Mikixi. His lone loss comes from current EFC Africa Heavyweight champion Ruan Potts.

Who will fight for the LHW title at EFC 14?

I heard that J.P Joubert has been offered a title shot at EFC Africa 14 in May. If this rumour is true, it is logical that he would face Chett Meyer for the Light Heavyweight title. This seems likely for two reasons. 

Firstly, with Meyer and Joubert both carrying 3 fight winning streaks, they are certainly the top ranked contenders in the division, it is also highly unlikely that Chef would be offered a title shot on his first outing as a light heavy, especially after coming off a heavyweight title fight loss. 

Secondly, I don’t believe that the Fight Fit Militia (FFM) team would be overjoyed with two of their camp’s finest opposing each other. It would be difficult for the team to put forward the united front that they do if they were undergoing such stress. Still, in their quest to be the best Light Heavyweight in the country, this obstacle may yet  be in the future for Meyer and Wessels.

Based on this analysis, I am inclined to believe that the circling rumours are true and that come May we may have a new EFC Light Heavyweight Champion, and that his name will either be Chett Meyer or J.P Joubert.


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