Thursday, 1 March 2012

EFC Africa 12 fight bet

Watching a fight is exciting stuff, but watching a fight where you have a vested interest is just that much more intense. This vested interest can come in many shapes and forms, your favourite fighter may be fighting, you made have made bold statements about a fight, or you may have put down some money. 

In almost every EFC 12 bout I have a favoured fighter. Through this blog I am also certainly guilty of shooting my mouth off about the bouts and the fighters in general. So I thought it only fitting to complete the trio by putting some money down on the fights and make my Friday evening an MMA adrenaline overdose.

Using BetXchange, I have selected a few fights to bet on in a Multiple bet. These fights were picked  based on my confidence in my EFC 12 prediction coupled with the odds given by the betting site. There were also a couple of emotional picks based on the pure significance of the fight. My bet is that every one of the 6 fighters I have selected  will win and if by some miracle it comes off, I will probably retire. 

Main event: Garreth McLellan vs Jeremy Smith
Predicted winner: Jeremy Smith
I had hoped for the betting odds to favour McLellan which would have made betting on the “upset” victory a sure thing with a contender like Jeremy Smith. The odds however favour Smith, and with what I believe will be a close fight and without the odds I require, it is not a smart move to bet on this fight. I however do not profess to be a smart man, and so I will be putting my money where my mouth is in the name of science.

Wesley Hawkey vs Denzil Wait
Predicted winner: Wesley Hawkey
I struggled to choose between these fighters, but I eventually sided with Hawkey. At 1/1 odds, he is almost neutral in the betting game, but to make up numbers (increasing the odds in my multiple bet) and have something extra to shout about in this epic battle, I felt it necessary to put some good old South African Rand behind my pick.

Dino Bagattin vs Michiel Opperman
Predicted winner: Dino Bagattin
I think this fight may be closer than the odds suggest. Baggatin is a 6/10 favourite and this is once more not the cleverest bet on paper. Still, I believe Bagattin will be the superior striker, and will enjoy the comfort of fighting at his natural weight. I’m going to go with my gut on this one.

Donavin Hawkey vs Danie Van Heerden
Predicted winner: Donavin Hawkey
While both fighters comes from great boxing camps, I believe Donavin Hawkey to be the more complete Martial Artist. He is also the more experienced MMA fighter, and I feel he is a huge favourite in this bout. The odds suggest the same, so this is in no way an outside bet, but I am confident Hawkey will win this Middleweight fight.  

Paul Kietzmann vs Ricky Misholas
Predicted winner: Paul Kietzmann
Kietzmann is heavily favoured in this bout, and though the odds aren’t great, I strongly believe he will win this fight.

Francios Groenewald vs Dino Bertolis
Predicted winner: Dino Bertolis
This is the bet of all bets, the one that makes the most betting sense. Bertolis is listed as a 2/1 underdog. I had already predicted that Bertolis would win this fight, so to get such great odds on someone who you firmly believe will win is a delight. While I personally have gone with my heart on many of my multiple bet picks, this one is the only bet I would have made had it been a purely financial decision.

My EFC 12 bets
Fights bet on: 6
Multiple bet combined odds : 25/1
My bet has been successfully placed, this is a long shot, lets hold thumbs :)


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