Saturday, 17 March 2012

Heavyweight Rankings - March 2012

Ruan Potts

The Heavyweight division has not seen all too much action over the last period, yet due to divisional moves, fighters returning from retirement and others being injured, the heavyweight ranking list has proved to be one of the more fickle. Here are my latest heavyweight rankings as of March 2012.
1. Ruan “Fangzz” Potts (14-0)
In November 2011, Ruan Potts became the first heavyweight champion to defend his EFC title when he submitted dangerous contender Andrew van Zyl. With a 14 fight winning streak, including notable wins over Norman Wessels, Andrew van Zyl and Calven Robinson, Ruan Potts is not only the EFC Africa heavyweight champion, but now the #1 heavyweight in South Africa. Unfortunately Potts’ list of potential challengersis dwindling rapidly, as the champion continues to dominate the division.

2. Rico “White Lion” Hattingh (14–2)
A pioneer of the sport, Hattingh still remains undefeated in South Africa, having acquired both his losses in the USA. The Capetonian Heavyweight recently steamrolled Jake Els in his EFC Africa debut, but was forced to put his title hopes against Potts on hold due to injury. We hope to see this Juggernaut of South African MMA back in action soon, where he will no doubt be assured of a title shot and a chance to showcase his skills to the newer MMA fans.

3. Andrew "One Gear" van Zyl (8-1)
Van Zyl will look to bounce back after his defeat to Ruan Potts at EFC Africa 11. One Gear, who suffered his first professional loss to Potts, will take something from the experience and likely be hungrier than ever. I hope to see a much improved van Zyl upon his return to the Hexagon.

4. Calven “The Butcher” Robinson (8-1)
After retiring from the sport last year, Calven Robinson has once more been signed by the EFC. The butcher willclash with Bernardo Mikixi at EFC 13 in a colossal battle between two massive men. Having received his first professional loss at the hands of Potts at EFC Africa 7, Robinson will look to bounce back with a win against Mikixi, and return to his very familiar winning ways.

5. Bernardo “Black Panther” Mikixi (4-3)
Mikixi has had his stats skewed, largely due to the EFC pitting him against top level opposition with a regularity not common in South Africa. While his results have been mixed, the Black Panther has continually improved and at times posed problems to van Zyl in their June fight. Mikixi will face fellow titan Calven Robinson at EFC 13.

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