Sunday, 11 March 2012

Quantum Cup 2012 Fight Videos

Yesterday, 10 March 2012, the Quantum Tribe Grapplers Cup took place in Bruma, Johannesburg. The event drew a host of grapplers from all over the country, and featured many of South Africa's top MMA fighters. A resounding success, the Quantum Cup is doing great work promoting the sport of grappling, both with a Gi and without.

Notable competitors

Demarte Pena - EFC Africa Featherweight Champion
Adam Speechly - Former EFC Africa Welterweight Champion
Chett Meyer - EFC Africa #1 rated Light Heavyweight
Alex Cheboub - Former EFC Africa Lightweight title contender
Danie van Heerden
Leon Mynhardt
Johan van Staden
Gavin Britz - Reigning Quantum Cup King of Kings Champion

Here are a few of the videos from the day, I will update this list as I am able to source more.

Quantum Cup 2012 Fight Videos

Alex Cheboub vs Johan van Staden - NoGi 75kg - 80kg
Chett Meyer vs Danie van Heerden - NoGi 90kg+
Demarte Pena vs Gavin Britz - Gi 65-70kg
Alex Cheboub vs Leon Mynhardt - NoGi 75kg - 80kg
Leon Mynhardt vs Warren King - NoGi 75kg - 80kg
Adam Speechly vs John - NoGi 70-75kg


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