Sunday, 25 March 2012

El Grande - Ultimate Power Challenge March 2012

Fighting Fit Kensington

Every Sunday, the fields opposite the 46 Brigade Army Base in Kensington, Johannesburg are transformed into a community fitness boot camp. Hosted by 46 KSCA (Kensington Spots Club and Academy), Fighting Fit Kensington is a complete workout divided into fifteen 1 minute exercises. The community workout takes place every Sunday from 10-11am and is free to the public. This is a great initiative for the Kensington community, both physically and socially.

El Grande – Ultimate Power Challenge

The El Grande Tyre

Once a month, Fighting Fit Kensington’s traditional workout is extended and athletes are able to test themselves against the mammoth El Grande Tyre. The El Grande Tyre weighs 700kg and the challenge is to push the tyre over an 80m course in the fastest possible time. The top 3 athletes from each monthly event qualify for an annual final and a chance to win prizes up to the value of R10,000.

EFC at El Grande

The El Grande events are frequented by some of the EFC’s top fighters and a great energy surrounds the event. EFC Africa fighter Wade Henderson was at the El Grande event on Sunday, no doubt training for EFC 13: Henderson vs James Le Roux

EFC's Wade Henderson tackles the El Grande Challenge

The EFC also uses the event to present their MMA title holders with official championship rings. This also gives the public a chance to interact with their favourite champions, take pictures or get autographs signed. 
EFC Championship Ring

Jeremy Smith at El Grande

The latest El Grande event, held on March 25th 2012, was attended by  EFC Africa Middleweight Champion Jeremy “Pitbull” Smith, who was presented with the championship ring that he earned at EFC Africa 12.
Jeremy Pitbull Smith presented with his EFC Ring
Dirk Steenekamp, Jeremy Smith, Cairo Howarth and Pietro Cignoli in front of the El Grande Tyre
Jeremy Smith takes photographs with fans at El Grande
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