Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wentzel Nel vs Costa Ioannou - EFC 08 Lightweight Title fight

At EFC Africa 08, Wentzel Nel would attempt to defend his EFC Africa lightweight title against surging contender Costa Ioannou. Nel (3-1 EFC) had lost his last non-title fight against American Dave Mazany, while Ioannou carried an impressive 2-0 EFC record into the Hexagon.

Wentzel Nel vs Costa Ioannou - EFC 08 promo video

Wentzel Nel vs Costa Ioannou - EFC Africa 08 lightweight title fight

Costa Ioannou was quick to take the centre of the ring, and after a very brief exchange of punches, closed the distance and got the clinch. Wentzel Nel landed the bigger shots early in the form of punches and knees, but Ioannou worked the clinch well and landed some big elbows and knees of his own, before taking the fight to the ground. Nel managed to work his way back up to standing from a dangerous position, and the clinch once more ensued. After a brief exchange of close range shots, Ioannou managed to create some space and land a huge elbow followed by two huge knees which buckled the champion. Costa Ioannou was quick to take him to the ground and take side control. Ioannou used his position to land some shots before transitioning to full mount. Costa Ioannou then rained down punches on Wentzel Nel, forcing him to react and as he did, Ioannou sunk in a deep triangle choke. Nel was forced to tap 3 minutes into the first round, and Costa Ioannou was declared the new EFC Africa lightweight champion.

Costa Ioannou vs Wentzel Nel - EFC 08 full fight video


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