Friday, 15 April 2011

Ruan Potts vs Obutobe Baygon Heavyweight Fight

After a convincing win, it seemed somewhat strange for a surging Ruan “Fangzz” Potts (11-0) to be pitted against a relative unknown in Obutobe Baygon (0-0). Fighting our of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Baygon has a background in Karate, Kyokushin, Judo and Amateur Boxing. Baygon, in his first professional MMA fight was going to be put to the ultimate test against Ruan Potts.

Potts vs Baygon - Tale of the tape

Ruan Potts
Obutobe Baygon
South African

Baygon came into the fight carrying a massive 7cm reach advantage and a 2cm height advantage. Potts is 5 years the junior of Baygon. Everything else is virtually the same. Baygon however, did not look in the best of shape, especially when compared to the muscle bound Potts.

The fight started off tentatively, with both fighters weary of each other’s striking power. The first strike of the match, thrown near the end of the first minute, was a rather awful failed leg kick come back kick combination from Potts, which was a low blow. Fangzz immediately apologised and Baygon shrugged it off to resume the tense chess match. 

The first real exchange of the match saw Ruan Potts leading with a leg kick and Baygon countering with a beautiful right hand. A rather meaningless flurry ensued, with Potts pushing forward and ending with an attempted side kick. Potts looked somewhat confused and continued to work the leg kick, which Baygon continued to counter with his right hand. The fight seemed to have no real rhythm. Potts eventually ducked under a punch and closed the distance and pushed Baygon against the fence, a position he used to great affect against Calven Robinson.

Potts landed a few foot stomps and then attempted a Judo throw, which he didn’t execute perfectly and ended up in bottom half guard with Obutobe on top. Strangely, Baygon seemed completely clueless on the ground and just hugged Potts for the better part of a minute, which Potts landed short shots to his head and body. Referee Wikus Swart warned Obutobe Baygon that the fight would be stood up should he not move, but seconds before this was executed, Ruan Potts managed to sweet the dormant fighter and take full mount. From the top Potts then unloaded a barrage or punches and elbows against his inactive foe, who attempted to cover his face to no avail. Referee Wikus Swart called an end to the bout at 3:56 seconds into the first round, declaring Ruan Potts the winner via TKO.

A rather boring fight, one feels that Ruan Potts gave Obutobe Baygon far too much credit and meticulously ground out a win against an opponent who wasn’t fighting for more than half of the bout. Still, Pott’s win streak in the heavyweight division continues and surely with this win he has earned himself a heavyweight title shot.

EFC Africa 08 - Ruan Potts vs Obutobe Baygon Full Fight Video 


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