Thursday, 28 April 2011

Adam Speechly vs Nolan Swanepoel EFC 08 Title fight

At EFC Africa 08, Adam Speechly and Nolan Swanepoel entered the EFC Hexagon with a mutual goal - to become the first EFC Africa welterweight champion. Both Speechly and Swanepoel earned their title shot with an impressive 3-1 EFC record. The two fighters had previously fought at EFC Africa 04, where Adam Speechly won via first round rear-naked choke submission.

Adam Speechly vs Nolan Swanepoel - EFC 08 promo video

Nolan Swanepoel vs Adam Speechly - EFC Africa 08 title fight

The first ever welterweight title fight started slowly, the first three minutes of which were fairly uneventful. Speechly seemed to be the more aggressive of the fighters, attempting some combinations which eventually ended in a clinch. The two fighters vied for position for in a clinch for what seemed an age, landing the occasional ineffective shot, before Speechly attempted a Guillotine choke, which Swanepoel avoided. Speechly would attempt a second Guillotine choke seconds later, as well as various other other submissions before the bell saved Swanepoel from a precarious position.

Round two was over before it began, as Adam Speechly quickly locked in a Guillotine choke on Nolan Swanepoel from standing, and took it to the ground to earn the tap and the EFC Africa welterweight title.

Adam Speechly vs Nolan Swanepoel EFC 08 fight video


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