Wednesday, 29 February 2012

EFC 12 - Van Niekerk vs Taljaard

Prior to setting foot in the Hexagan at EFC 12, Ryan Van Niekerk's EFC Africa debut has been a tumultuous one.

Van Niekerk's original opponent Paul De Vos was forced to withdraw from their bout due to injury, but was quickly replaced by Nigerian fighter Steven Momah. Although this would no doubt have upset Van Niekerk's training camp, there was enough time for the lightweight to adjust and prepare for his new opponent.

Now, 2 days prior to EFC 12,Van Niekerk has been thrown another curve ball as his replacement opponent, Steven Momah has also withdrawn from their upcoming bout due to health concerns. The EFC once more have worked swiftly to find a replacement opponent, but this does not either fighter any real time to prepare... at least they are in the same boat.

Ryan Van Niekerk's new opponent, Markus Taljaard is a very dangerous fighter indeed. Taljaard is undefeated in his MMA career, sporting an amateur record of 9-0 and a professional record of 3-0.  Markus Taljaard also holds a notable win over fellow EFC 12 combatant Francois Groenewald.

On paper this is a fantastic bout between two of the best new lightweight prospects in the EFC. It is just a pity that the fighters have not had the appropriate camps to prepare for one another. Lets hope we will still see them at their best and get a fantastic fight as a result.


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