Saturday, 4 February 2012

CFL 01 - Bright vs Swart cancelled?

Just one day before the CFL 01, the Cape Fight League has suffered a massive blow. It appears that the main event of the evening, a lightweight bout between Chris Bright and Ian "Chucky" Swart will not take place.

Swart was unable to make weight at yesterdays weigh-ins and is reported to have been as much as 5kg overweight. This has created quite an uproar in the South African MMA community, many of whom have taken to twitter to vent their frustration at this lack of professionalism. Bright too was frustrated and has stated on twitter that he will not be fighting Swart tonight. No official announcement has come from the Cape Fight League as to whether Chris Bright vs Ian Swart will in fact take place.

As the main event of the evening and one on which the Cape Fight League was certainly banking on to bring in the crowds, should this fight not transpire, as it certainly looks to be the case, the promotion may be largely hindered going forward. Hopefully CFL 01 will still be a quality event and the other fighters will be able to deliver some entertaining fights in the shadow of this catastrophe.

The Cape Fight League will have to go back to the drawing board if they hope to rival the Extreme Fighting Championship, who aim to enter the Cape Town market with their EFC Africa 13 event in April 2012.


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