Wednesday, 1 February 2012

South African MMA Featherweight rankings

A recent addition to the South African MMA roster, the featherweight division has grown in popularity, largely due to the nature of the fights, which are often technically brilliant. While most of these fighters have fought in other divisions, they have found a home in the featherweight division, where they now ply their fighting trade. Here are my top 5 South African featherweights:

1. Demarte “The Wolf” Pena (3-0)
Demarte Pena recently became the youngest EFC champion in the promotions brief history. At just 21, The Wolf bested Leo Gloss in a five round unanimous decision at EFC Africa 10 in September 2011. Although fairly inexperienced, Pena has fought some big names and in addition to his win versus Gloss, holds a notable win over Jean-Luc Kazadi. With no shortage of accomplished fighters breathing down his neck, Demarte Pena will have his work cut out for him to maintain his position atop the featherweight rankings.

2. Wesley “The Young Assassin” Hawkey (6-2)
Wesley Hawkey is currently undefeated in the EFC, with a 2-0 record. The Young Assassin made short work of both Jean-Luc Kazadi and Victor Anyaogu en route to a number one contender matchup with Denzil Wait at EFC 12, the winner of which will almost certainly get a crack at Demarte Pena for the EFC featherweight title and #1 spot on this list.

3. Denzil “Redstarr” Wait (5-1)
Denzil Wait, already well respected in the MMA community, made quite a statement in his EFC debut in November last year when he steamrolled a very dangerous Abdul Hassan. Wait will now face off with Wesley Hawkey at EFC 12 to determine the number one contender in the featherweight division and hope to pave a path to a featherweight title shot.

4. Leo “King” Gloss (8-3)
Leo Gloss has been a staple on EFC fight cards for the past few years. The King has fought some of the promotions top fighters and already been involved in two title fights in two different divisions. In 2010, Gloss lost his lightweight title fight against Wentzel Nel (#4 SA MMA Lightweight Rankings) and in 2011 lost to Demarte Pena in this promotions first featherweight title fight, Gloss will look to get back to work doing what he does best, knocking people out.

5. Jean-Luc “The Hitman” Kazadi (4-3)
Jean-Luc Kazadi has had his stats skewed of late by successive losses, one to Demarte Pena in a close Majority decision loss at EFC 8 and the other against Wesley Hawkey in a first round submission at EFC Africa 10. The Hitman however has looked impressive in the hexagon and will be a continue to be a tough fight for any man in the featherweight division.

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