Monday, 13 February 2012

EFC 12 Iakobidze vs Buirski added to the fight card

The Extreme Fighting Championship has finally announced the final fight for its opening event in 2012. EFC Africa 12 will host a featherweight clash between Georgian born boxing sensation Koba Iakobidze (1-1) and Gareth Buirski (1-0).

This should be an interesting fight indeed. Both fighters will be making EFC Africa debut on March 2, they both train in Pretoria and both have stellar amateur records: Buirski (9-1) and Iakobidze (4-1). They do however have different approaches to fighting, with Iakobidze heavily favouring his hands due to his boxing pedigree and Buirski believing in using his more well rounded skill set to neutralise his opponents strengths.

As we head into the final weeks leading up to the event, The EFC fight card has now got its full compliment of bouts scheduled and hopefully the fighter preparation will go smoothly and without any further training injuries.


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