Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Where to watch EFC 12

The Mixed Martial Arts revolution in Africa and particularly South Africa has been taken to the next level by the Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC). Building on the platform created by other great local promotions, the EFC has managed to take MMA to a larger audience and as a result the sport's popularity is growing steadily.

Continuing to pioneer MMA in South Africa, the EFC will once more break new ground with their upcoming event EFC Africa 12. The event, hosted at Carnival city, will reach a far greater audience than any other of its predecessors through various new media. This will also aid the EFC in its goal to become a truly national promotion and will enable all the loyal Gauteng fans to keep up with the action at EFC Africa 13 in Cape Town later this year.

In addition to the spectacle of viewing all the action live at Carnival City, EFC 12 will also be available to fans on the following broadcast mediums:

Nu Metro Cinemas
Fans from across South Africa can watch the action via a live broadcast at various participating Nu Metro Cinemas. Tickets cost R185.00 and have a tendency to sell our in the days leading up the event. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Pay Per View Online
For the past few events, the EFC has offered free live streaming of their events on the official website. Having sufficiently tested the system, EFC 12 will be the first event using the traditional Pay Per View model. This is a very convenient way to watch the events from the comfort of your home and the quality is very good. Just make sure your internet speed is high enough to avoid any lag.

Live maincard broadcast on eTV
The 4 main event fights will be broadcast live on eTV on Friday 2 March at 22:30. In a previous article, EFC on eTV, I discussed the significance of this for MMA, as this free medium will enable viewers from all over Africa to tune in to one of the biggest MMA fights seen on the continent, the Middleweight title fight between Garreth "Soldierboy" McLellan and Jeremy "Pibull" Smith.

For full information on where to watch EFC Africa 12, click here to visit the official EFC website.


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