Friday, 24 February 2012

MMA South Africa Community update

As another week draws to an end, its time to recap on the effects the past few days have had on the South African MMA community. As always, if you know of any other interesting news or events, please let me know on my twitter account: MMA South Africa

South African MMA Annoucements
The Extreme Fighting Championship has released details of its upcoming event EFC Africa 13 to be held in Cape Town later this year. Though still largely unpopulated, the beginnings of a fight card have been released. The event will be headlined by a Welterweight title fight between Dallas Jakobi and Jadyson Costa. Here is a link for all articles pertaining to: EFC 13 Articles

South African MMA Articles
With EFC Africa 12 just around the corner, it is not surprising that the majority of the media attention is circling around the event. Here are a few local articles I found :

MMAWear interviews Wade Henderson
MMAWear talks to Wade "G.O.A.T" Henderson prior to his EFC 12 bout with Josh Muller. The interiew touches on the following points:
  • Henderson's dislike for Muller
  • Henderson's training camp for the fight
  • Henderson's future in MMA
Click here for the full interview

MMAWear interviews Josh Muller
A recent interview conducted with Josh "The Jedi" Muller ahead of his EFC Africa 12 fight against Wade Henderson. The interview covers the following topics:
  • Preparation for his upcoming fight
  • The grudge between Muller and Henderson
  • Muller's future plans in the sport 
Click here for the full interview

MMAWear interviews Richard Quan
Richard Quan is the head coach at Fight Fit Militia, one of South Africa's top fighting teams. The team is currently home to many EFC Africa champions, including featherweight champion Demarte Pena, lightweight champion Costa Ioannou and middleweight champion Garreth McLellan. Former heavyweight champion Normal Wessels and top ranked light heavyweight Chett Meyer bolster the already star studded list. In this interview Quan discusses:
  • Quan's fighting and MMA background
  • Quan's goals and aspirations in the sport of MMA and for FFM
  • The mindset behind Fight Fight Militia
Click here for the full interview 

Fight Republic interviews Denzil Wait
An interview conducted with Denzil "Redstarr" Wait ahead of his EFC Africa 12 fight against Wesley Hawkey. The interview covers the following topics:
  • Preparation for his upcoming fight
  • The EFC featherweight division
  • Wait's history in MMA and greatest influence
  • MMA in South Africa
Click here for the full interview

South African MMA Events
Upcoming events largely focus around the first major event of the MMA year - EFC 12

Meet the EFC fighters
25 February, Nationwide
Some of the EFC professional fighters will be meeting the public and signing autographs at various Nu Metro cinemas around the country:
Hyde Park – Garreth McLellan, Demarte Pena, Costa Ioannou
The Glen – Jeremy Smith, Dino Bagattin, Wade Henderson
Canal Walk – Jadyson Costa, Paul Terblanche
Pavilion – Donavin and Wesley Hawkey
More info

EFC Africa 12 main event
2 March, Carnival City, Johannesburg
The event we have all been waiting for is now just a week away. Watch Garreth "Soldierboy" McLellan defend his middleweight title against Jeremy "Pitbull" Smith and 11 other professional Mixed Martial Arts fights.
More info: EFC 12 fight card, EFC 12 predictions


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