Friday, 3 February 2012

EFC 12 - more fight card changes

Just shy of a month before EFC Africa 12, the powers that be have released changes to the fight card for the highly anticipated event. The major announcement was the opponent for Welterweight talent Dino Bagattin (#4 SA Welterweight Rankings), whose original bout against Martin van Staden at EFC 12 was once again cancelled due to injury.

Dino Bagattin (8-1) will now face former Middleweight contender Michiel Opperman (8-6) at EFC 12. Do not be fooled by Opperman's seemingly mediocre stats, the Pretorian striker is on a 5 fight winning streak, and has toppled some competent fighters including Danie van Heerden, Johan van Staden, Kelvin Mwale and Ronald Dlamini. Both Bagattin and Opperman have immense respect for each others fighting abilities and both coming from a striking background, this could definitely be a fight for the casual fan and a contender for both fight and knockout of the night awards.

With a month to go, the fighters should be able to get in the necessary training and be at their best come fight night. Is there enough time for Opperman to drop a weight division without any ill effects though? He seems to think so, as he has been training consistently, and feels that coming down a division may even help him against Bagattin. We will see in 4 weeks time!

Coupled with this news, was the announcement that Lightweight Paul de Vos would no longer be competing at EFC Africa 12. Ryan van Niekerk, who was originally slated to face de Vos, will now make his debut in the hexagon against Nigerian Steven Momah. Neither fighter seems to phased about the change and both feel confident in their abilities to take home the win. I for one am glad we will still be able to see van Niekerk in action!

EFC 12 fight card changes
Dino Bagattin vs Michiel Opperman (Welterweight)
Ryan van Niekerk vs Steven Momah (Lightweight)


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