Monday, 27 February 2012

5 Reasons to watch EFC Africa 12 live

EFC 12 fight week has arrived!
With less than 5 days until the first EFC event of 2012, things are definitely beginning to heat up. Fighters and organisers alike will be in their final phases of preparation, while MMA fans are probably just beginning to plan out their Friday night. With so much choice afforded the fans these days, where to watch the fights is a huge consideration. Nu Metro cinemas, Pay per view online and the recent eTV deal go a long way to bringing the action to fans across the country and the globe, but there is still no substitute for watching the event live. If you are in Johannesburg, here are 5 reasons why you should be aiming to pick up one of the few tickets still available for EFC Africa 12 at Carnival City.

The EFC Atmosphere
Nothing quite compares to the atmosphere of a full stadium. The seats surround the Hexagon, which incessantly draws the attention of all present. The fixated fans seem to connect with each other and with their fighters, they feel their success and their failure, their joy and their pain. The night becomes a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from the anxious moments leading up to the fight to the jubilation or depression of the knockout blow. This usually translates into both deafening silence or outbursts, depending on the moment. MMA events are so spectacular because of this connection, this atmosphere and no TV camera can truly capture it.

Witness MMA History
We all want to be a part of something big, something that shapes the future and EFC Africa 12 affords us just that. As one of the most momentous MMA events in the short history of the sport in South Africa, EFC 12 is not only the first MMA event to be televised live in the country, but it also showcases arguably the most anticipated MMA fight to ever transpire on African soil when Garreth McLellan enters the Hexagon against Jeremy Smith to defend his EFC Africa Middleweight belt. Be there so that you can say you were.

Don’t miss a single punch
While technology is doing wonders for the sport of MMA, it has limitations. eTV is only providing the main card fights in its EFC 12 coverage, which means that diehard fans will need to look elsewhere should they wish to watch the rest of the talent packed fight card. Streaming too has its shortfalls and technical problems are not uncommon. Watching the event live guarantees that you will be able to catch all 12 fights, in perfect quality and in real time, leaving nothing to chance.

Watch EFC live while you still can
EFC Africa has already announced that EFC Africa 13 will be its first event in Cape Town. This will certainly be the first of many events which will be held in different cities across South Africa. In the past, Joburgers have been spoilt for choice where the EFC is concerned, and while the city of gold will undoubtedly remain the headquarters of the EFC, the number of events held in our lovely city will surely be diluted in the future. This will make it all the harder to get our require live MMA fix.

The lovely EFC Africa hexagon girls
EFC Africa Hexagon girls
See EFC Africa hexagon girls Victoria De Lima, Riana Roberts, Alyssa Rebelo, Eno Akpan and the twins Candace and Cindy Faul. EFC 12 also welcomes the newest EFC Africa hexagon girl Naomi Das to the fold.


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