Thursday, 9 February 2012

EFC 12 - Wade Groth out

Three weeks out and EFC 12 has been forced to change yet another fight. Wade Groth has withdrawn from his lightweight clash with Boyd Allen, citing flu and a viral infection which reduced his ability to prepare for the fight. Respectful of his opponent's ability, Groth did not which to enter the hexagon at anything less than 100%.

Boyd Allen (4-2) will now make his EFC debut against Donald "Superman" Nzirawa (6-5, 1-1 EFC).

Donald Nzirawa is not stranger to the big stage and has quite an Mixed Martial Arts resume, including fights with notable fighters Neil Diesel (#5 SA WW Rankings), Johan van Staden, Wesley Hawkey (#2 SA FW Rankings) and Ronald Dlamini. Superman also holds notable wins over Denzil Wait (#3 Featherweight), Terence Griessel and Ashley Calvert.

Boyd Allen, who hails from a boxing background will fancy himself the favourite standing, but will be challenged by the ground game of Nzirawa, who has a background in Jui-Jitsu. This should be an action packed fight between two lightweights looking to break into the upper tier.


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