Thursday, 23 February 2012

Jadyson Costa - EFC 13 title shot premature

Jadyson “Little Wanderlei” Costa (12-12-1,2-0 EFC) is a highly experienced martial artist, having trained with and competed against some of the best fighters in the world. In his professional MMA career, spanning more than a decade, Costa has fought all over the world including in the MMA Mecca’s of Japan and Brazil. 

Costa’s move to Cape Town, South Africa, to train and coach at the Pride Fighting Academy was merely a prequel to Little Wanderlei getting involved in the South African MMA scene. Carrying an 8 fight losing streak, there was uncertainty as to how he would perform in the evolving community.

At EFC Africa 10 Jadyson Costa, a member of African Top Team, stepped into the EFC hexagon against local welterweight Wade Henderson, one of South Africa’s most experienced fighters. 
Henderson was a great opening test for the Brazilian and would help us to gauge just how big the gap between South African MMA and the international MMA community was. A little over three minutes later and we had the first piece of the puzzle. Though the fight was by no means one sided, Costa, a BJJ black belt managed to use his superior ground skills to submit Henderson via Kimura in the first round and earn himself his first victory in almost four years.

Costa’s next test came in the form of James Rennie, an experienced local fighter who was making his EFC Africa debut. Costa managed to take the fight to the ground very early on and then outclass Rennie with his BJJ pedigree to earn another submission victory. 

Jadyson Costa has certainly caused ripples in the EFC Welterweight division. With two submission victories and two submission of the night awards under his belt, the Brazilian was certainly en route a title shot had he continued in this vein of form. 

Today the Extreme Fighting Championship announced that Jadyson Costa would challenge Dallas Jakobi for his Welterweight title in the headline event at EFC Africa 13 in Cape Town later this year. As good as Jadyson Costa is, one cannot help but feel that in getting the title shot so soon, Costa has leapfrogged some serious contenders. Guys like Martin van Staden and Dino Bagattin, who are currently on 3 fight winning streaks within the promotion and have fought title contenders in Adam Speechly and Nolan Swanepoel respectively. It seems somewhat of an injustice to throw another fighter, albeit a quality one, ahead of those who have paid their dues and climbed the welterweight ladder.


I will say that his title shot is definitely not premature. 1st he fought 2 middle weights who were there to out strike and out muscle him. Both failed to land a strike, other than a grazing shot by Wade in Jadyson's guard. Both coming down from 85+kgs, Jadyson came in under weight and did not cut for either fight, and gassing was not an issue because both fights were under 4min. 2nd If EFC 12 was any indication Dino got submitted by a BJJ white belt who could only beat a 17 year old 68kg student of Jadyson's on points at the Abu Dhabi trials. Jadyson's ground game is light years ahead of anyone in the EFC, ask his training partners. 3rd Jadyson lived and trained at Chute Boxe for 6 years, a camp known for its striking not its ground game. So anyone who thinks they are going to out strike him should do so at their peril.(also ask his middle and light heavyweight sparring partners) Don't forget that both Speechly and Swanepoel are coming off losses and MVS is injured. SO when you think about it do you really think its premature?

Firstly, you will note that at no point did I attack Jadyson Costa's ability. I happen to agree that his BJJ is very advanced for our young MMA community and think he may yet be a Champion in the EFC Welterweight division.

That being said, at the time of writing this article Dino Bagattin had not lost to Opperman, and Martin Van Staden had stated he would be fit and ready to fight at EFC 13. Both where on 3 fight winning streaks and had fought legitimate welterweight contenders. Costa however had won two fights against competitors who are not natural welterweights. In terms of earning a title shot, I believed that both Bagattin and van Staden were more deserved.

And now? Do you really think Dino deserved a title shot or especially after a long lay off should have even been considered? Arguably Martin deserved one but got injured. I never said you attacked Jadyson's ability but you were arguing that Dino was more deserving and for the life of me I can't see what would make you make that argument. Winning streaks count for not if your fights are hand picked to make you look good. Jadyson's fights were handpicked to make him look bad and he won both with relative ease. If you take both those things into consideration you would have to agree that he is not only deserving but has earned a well deserved shot. If you put Wade or Rennie against Baggatin the fights end by submission by Wade and by smashing by Rennie with Dino getting hurt. Jadyson winning the belt really opens up the Welterweight division to some interesting fights as well. Can't wait.

I agree with your sentiments about quality of opposition being a factor to consider, but do think you are giving Costa's recent opponents too much credit. Yes, he has fought some tough guys, but one must also remember that Henderson had lost 3 out of his last 4 fights when he faced Jadyson Costa and Rennie was making his EFC Debut.

I also cannot just write off Martin van Staden to injury, as I believe at the time of writing he was already back in training. Thus I fear we must agree to disagree on the point of prematurity lest we go round in circles forever.

I do believe we agree on another more important point though, and it is that the future of the Welterweight division looks bright, with many potential blockbuster fights on the cards for the year.

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