Sunday, 29 July 2012

EFC 15 in retrospect

EFC 15 was another landmark event for the promotion, eventually crowning the first EFC Africa light heavyweight champion. Here was the event as I saw it.

My EFC 15 predictions

I was not altogether unhappy with my predictions for this event. For a few of the fights, though I did get the winners wrong, the nature of the fight was very much as expected. There were however some real surprises for me, most notably the Kabulu / Buirski fight, which did not go at all as expected.

Correct fight predictions: 8/13
Correct main card fight predictions: 2/3

My fight of the night

The fight of the night for me was the light heavyweight title fight between JP Joubert and Norman Wessels. Though certainly not the most technically brilliant fight of the evening, it was an exciting scrap and I found myself completely absorbed as the two giants slugged it out. At times it felt as if the athletes were powered by sheer will alone. The entertainment value of this fight was unsurpassed on the night.

My submission of the night

Leon Mynhardt’s Guillotine choke submission of Alex Cheboub was the best submission of the night. Although Mynhardt was favoured to win the fight, not many expected the Iron Lion to be able to hold his own on the ground against talented grappler Alex Cheboub.  Mynhardt showed a hugely improved knowledge of the grappling disciple, a pre requisite if he is to get his wish of facing lightweight champion Costa Ioannou.

My knockout of the night

JP Joubert’s TKO of Norman Wessels via punches in their light heavyweight title fight was my Knock out of the night. Joubert unloaded some clean punches onto Wessels to finish the fight in the second round and earn himself the light heavyweight title.

My fighter of the night

Donavin Hawkey looked focussed and clinical as he submitted former #1 ranked light heavyweight Chett Meyer. Hawkey looked comfortable standing and on the ground and proved that he should not be taken lightly in the stacked middleweight division.

Surprise fighter of the night

JC Lamprecht looked impressive in his EFC Africa & professional debut. The Shido fighter was aggressive from the get go, showing good offence and defence on the ground en route a first round submission victory over Hector Britts. 


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