Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Leon Mynhardt vs Don Madge EFC 13 fight video

Ahead of EFC Africa 15 on Friday, the Extreme Fighting Championship has released a free fight video for the MMA fans.

Leon Mynhardt vs Don Madge at EFC 13 was a bloody war, surrounded by controversy. The two lightweight stand-up specialists traded blows for the better part of three rounds. The fight was my EFC 13 fight of the night as well as the official EFC Africa fight of the night. This fight is now available to watch online courtesy of the EFC and is a must watch for all South African MMA fans.

Leon Mynhardt is set to face Alex Cheboub at EFC Africa 15.

Leon Mynhardt vs Don Madge EFC 13 fight video


For anyone who still thinks Wikus Swart got the call right I suggest watching the Jamie Varner vs Joe Lauzon fight from UFC FOX4 where Varner calls a time out after taking a punch as he forgot his mouth piece. Under the Unified rules an equipment failure, in Don's case a broken mouthpiece is a timeout not a TKO. I am also shocked at how little the refs communicate with the EFC fighters. All the top refs in Bellator, Strikeforce, and the UFC are constantly communicating. SA refs have a way to go in terms of communicating and knowing the rules.

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