Friday, 1 June 2012

EFC Africa 14 - Blow by Blow

Costa Ioannou vs Adam Speechly (Lightweight title fight)

Demarte Pena vs Wesley Hawkey (Featherweight title fight)

Bernardo Mikixi vs Mahmoud Hassan (Heavyweight fight)

A typical heavyweight fight, both men came in hard. Mikixi managed to injure Hassan with a big shot and finish him on the ground in the first few minutes.

Garreth McLellan vs Danie van Heerden (Middleweight fight)

Both fighters went to work early, and after a head kick by Garreth McLellan and an attempted standing guillotine by Danie Van Heerden, the fight went to the ground. McLellan looked comfortable on the ground but was forced to work hard to achieve anything. 
Round two went to the ground early and McLellan took control of the fight, secured back mount and managed to sink in a rear-naked choke to claim the win and likely title rematch with against Jeremy Smith.

Wentzel Nel vs Denzil Wait (Featherweight fight)

Great technical battle between Wentzel Nel and Denzil Wait. The majority of the fight was spent on the mat where both fighters had their fair share of the dominant position. Both fighters almost finished the fight in the first frame, but it was Wentzel Nel who managed to come out stronger in the second round. After a period of reversals on the ground, Nel managed to secure a dominant position and rain down some elbows to win the fight via TKO.

Francois Kabulu vs Amr Wahman (Welterweight fight)

Francois Kabulu controlled the fight on the ground for the better part of the first two rounds, but was unable to submit Wahman despite a few close attempts. Both fighters looked gassed in the third round, a round in which Amr Wahman landed more shots. Francois Kabulu was eventually awarded a unanimous decision victory.

Terrence Griessel vs Gareth Buirski (Featherweight fight)

A great fight back and forward fight between two strong athletes. There were times when both fighters almost finished the fight, but it was eventually Terence Griessel who landed a third round guillotine choke to win via submission.

JP Kruger vs Mwande Vapi (Middleweight fight)

JP Kruger took the fight to the ground early and transitioned quickly to Vapi's back. From there it was only a matter of time before Kruger submitted him via rear naked choke.

Alex Cheboub vs Ashley Calvert (Lightweight fight)

Alex Cheboub looked like he had nothing to lose as he fired off a wide variety of strikes in the stand-up. On the ground, Calvert attempted a few submissions before Cheboub took control of the fight, eventually securing a crucifix position and submitting Calvert via a rather painful looking second round Keylock submission.

David Buirski vs Kelvin Mwale (Welterweight fight)

David Buirksi circled nicely and landed effective leg kicks throughout the first round. A surprise head kick landed and dropped Mwale late in the first to earn Buirski his first EFC win.

Koba Iakobidze vs Alain Ilunga (Featherweight fight)

Ilunga and Iakobidze fought hard standing and on the ground. The fight seemed fairly even early on but Ilunga seemed to get the better of the exchanges as the fight progressed and eventually managed to drop Iakobidze with body kick in the third to win via verbal submission.

Wade Groth vs Markus Taljaard (Lightweight fight)

Taljaard got the better of the early stand-up exchanges, rocking Groth with a beautiful right hand. This forced Groth to take the fight to the ground where he was dominant, landing big shots in a very active Taljaard guard. Both fighters looked very impressive. 
Round 2 saw Taljaard land some more nice shots standing, before the fight once more went to the mat. Taljaard managed to get full mount before Groth reversed the position and managed to stay on top for the better part of the round.
Round 3 saw both fighters come out striking before Groth performed a beautiful judo throw to take Taljaard to the ground. After some great ground and pound again by Groth, Markus Taljaard managed to slap on a beautiful triangle choke to win via third round submission.

Tshikangu Makeubo vs James Le Roux (Middleweight fight)

As expected, Tez Makeubo looked to strike, while James Le Roux wanted to get the fight to the ground and look for a submission. The first round saw a mixed bag, with Makeubo landing a few big shots and Le Roux attempting some very close submissions. The second and third rounds were rather uneventful, with both fighters looking gassed. In the end Makuebo appeared to press the action and did enough to earn a unanimous decision victory.


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