Saturday, 2 June 2012

EFC 14 in retrospect

The Extreme Fighting Championship returned to Johannesburg with a stacked fight card featuring 5 current or former champions. The high profile event featured 2 title fights and managed to live up to all the hype.

My EFC 14 predictions

My predictions were pretty useless this EFC. There were many close fights, which could have gone either way and in most cases went the other way. Of those I did get correct in terms of winner, I was largely out in terms of manner, though I take comfort in getting the middleweight clash between Garreth McLellan and Danie van Heerden pretty much spot on. It seems even a blind squirrel finds the occasional nut.

Correct predictions: 6/13
Correct title fight predictions: 1/2

My EFC 14 fight of the night

The EFC 14 fight of the night has to go to Costa Ioannou and Adam Speechly for their 5 round lightweight title war. The technical grappling match was insane to watch and both fighters showed why they are so well respected in this discipline. Add to this the humility and respect with which both fighters approached this fight and it is a deserved winner.

My EFC 14 submission of the night

Demarte Pena’s rear-naked choke against Wesley Hawkey in their featherweight title fight is my submission of the night. Given the gravity of the situation, Pena’s ability to quickly and effortlessly transition to back mount and sink in a title winning submission was beautiful to watch.

My EFC 14 knockout of the night

Knock-outs were in short supply at EFC 14. David Buirski’s head kick on Kelvin Mwale was about as close to a clean KO as we got. The kick, which sent Mwale to the canvas was followed up with punches to earn a TKO victory.

My EFC 14 fighter of the night

Garreth McLellan was the most impressive fighter for me at EFC 14. The former middleweight champion looked focussed from the get go in his clash with Danie van Heerden and finished the fight in a very clinical manner to earn himself another shot at Jeremy Smith.

My EFC 14 surprise fighter of the night

Markus Taljaard was my surprise fighter of the night. Having seen him trade strikes with Ryan van Niekerk at EFC 12, Taljaard surprised  and impressed me with his ground game at EFC 14. Taljaard had a very active guard, but it was his composure while on his back which ultimately earned him his submission victory over Wade Groth.


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