Saturday, 2 June 2012

5 fights to make after EFC 14

With EFC 14 behind us, it’s time to once more take stock and look toward the future. Here are 5 fights that I think the EFC should consider making in the near future.

5 fights to make after EFC 14

Jeremy Smith vs Garreth McLellan

Although I have never been an avid supporter of a quick rematch between Garreth McLellan and Jeremy Smith, it seems that this fight has to happen. Garreth McLellan looked focussed at EFC 14 where he defeated Danie van Heerden in what was touted to be a number on contender bout. With the major players in the middleweight division already matched up, Jeremy Smith vs Garreth McLellan 2 now seems inevitable.

Ruan Potts vs Bernardo Mikixi

Bernardo Mikixi defeated Mahmoud Hassan at EFC 14 to take his current win streak to two. Given the state of the heavyweight division, this is enough to warrant a title shot against heavyweight champion Ruan Potts.

Demarte Pena vs Wentzel Nel

Wentzel Nel looked strong at featherweight as he defeated Denzil Wait via second round TKO. With three straight EFC wins, including one against a top 5 featherweight, Wentzel Nel has surely earned himself a shot at Demarte Pena and the featherweight title.

Wesley Hawkey vs Abdul Hassan

Wesley Hawkey showed that he is one of the best featherweights in South Africa at EFC 14. The Durban based fighter will want to get into the Hexagon as quickly as possible and work his way back up to a shot at the title. After his win against Leo Gloss at EFC 13, Abdul Hassan finds himself on a similar path and a fight between the two now many perfect sense.

Adam Speechly vs Alex Cheboub

Both Adam Speechly and Alex Cheboub have suffered recent losses to Costa Ioannou and will want to work their way back to the top of the division. The two master grapplers will be a great test for each other and hopefully put on a great fight for the fans.


Everything is such a 5crew-up because of Chett Mayer dropping to MW. He has three straight wins and deserves Jeremy Smith instead of Soldierboy.

Cheff and Soldierboy have each won one fight since losing their titles??? Compare that to Wentzel Nel and tell me if that is fair.

The matchmaking logic doesn't make sense...

Agree, even though soldierboy and chef are great fighters, them and some of the other FFM guys seem to get preferential treatment at (not taking Chett into account). How does Chef become the no1 ranked light heavy after 1 fight against a guy who has never even fought at light heavy before. Even though I dont read much into rankings, I feel JP Joubert should be ranked 1st. The rankings never make sense. FFM is a really good team, but it does become hard distinguish them from EFC or are they one in the same...

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