Thursday, 14 June 2012

Jeremy Smith vs Garreth McLellan 2 at EFC 15

EFC Africa 15 will play host to the first title rematch in EFC history, and what a rematch it is.

Earlier this year, at EFC 12, Jeremy Smith managed to defeat Garreth McLellan via fourth round Guillotine choke to become the EFC Africa middleweight champion. The fight, arguably the biggest ever on African soil was evenly contested until Smith caught McLellan, and the rematch will be eagerly anticipated by MMA fans.

Jeremy "Pitbull" Smith

Jeremy Smith (11-1) has not fought since his faced McLellan at EFC Africa 12. The Pitbull however will come into this fight in a very different position, with the added pressure of being the middleweight champion. Smith will want to prove that his victory at EFC 12 was no fluke and retain his middleweight strap.

Jeremy Smith

Garreth "Soldierboy" McLellan

Garreth McLellan (7-2) looked clinical against Danie van Heerden at EFC 14. The victory, a second round rear-naked choke submission, earned Soldierboy a rematch against his nemisis Jeremy Smith. McLellan will once more have the chance to prove that he is the best middleweight in Africa

Garreth McLellan

Jeremy Smith vs Garreth McLellan 2 at EFC 15

The first fight between Jeremy Smith and Garreth McLellan was a fight of the night performance. I expect nothing less from this one. Each fighter will take something out of their last clash, and both should come into this fight even more prepared. With the stakes just as high as before, and the names as big as they get in South African MMA, this fight promises to deliver something special.


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