Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cage Men: Exploring South African MMA

I recently stumbled upon “Cage Men”, a 3 part no-holds-barred documentary on South Africa's exploding cage-fighting scene. Created by Speller Macleod productions and The Unleashed, this series briefly looks at South African MMA from a host of different perspectives, educating the audience about MMA in SA and allowing us to formulate our own, more informed, opinion on one of the fastest growing sports in both South Africa and the world.

Although just shy of twenty minutes across all 3 episodes, Cage Men, covers some of the following controversial topics:
  • Why are fans and fighters so passionate about the sport
  • Are MMA fighters athletes or savages
  • The safety and consequences of the sport
  • The implications of MMA on our communities
We also get up close and personal with some of the biggest names in MMA, including:
  • EFC Africa president Cairo Howarth
  • EFC Middleweight champion Garreth “Soldierboy” McLellan
  • Former EFC Heavyweight champion Norman “Chef” Wessels
  • EFC Welterweight fighter Wade “G.O.A.T” Henderson
  • Ex-EFC Welterweight fighter Ozzy “Daddy” de Paiva
  • EFC Welterweight fighter Remo Ralph
  • Crazy Monkey Defence system creator Rodney King
Cage Men summarises the MMA scene in SA quite nicely and is definitely worth a watch for anyone who has an opinion about MMA. It is also great to see something based on the South African community. With the sensitivity of the topics raised, it could easily have spanned many more episodes and I look forward to any additional productions which may be created in the future.

Cage Men - Episode 1

Cage Men - Episode 2

Cage Men - Episode 3


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