Saturday, 7 January 2012

Top 5 MMA Heavyweights in South Africa

The sport of MMA in South Africa is still very much in its infancy, and without a large track record and distinguished fighters, it is very difficult to accurately define a hierarchy within each weight division. The ever growing popularity of MMA within Africa and especially South Africa, should change this going forward, for now however, I have compiled South African MMA rankings based on historical performances as well as recent form. First up, the big boys... herewith the Top 5 MMA Heavyweights in South Africa:
1.       Rico “White Lion” Hattingh (14–2)
A pioneer of the sport, Hattingh still remains undefeated in South Africa, having acquired both his losses in the USA. The Capetonian Heavyweight recently steamrolled Jake Els in his EFC Africa debut, but was forced to put his title hopes against Potts on hold due to injury. We hope to see this Juggernaut of South African MMA back in action soon, where he will no doubt be assured of a title shot and a chance to showcase his skills to the newer MMA fans.

2.       Ruan “Fangzz” Potts (13-0)
In June, Ruan Potts defeated Normal Wessels to earn the EFC Africa Heavyweight title and cement his place on this list. Still undefeated in his professional MMA career, Potts has expressed interest in fighting Hattingh in what promises to be a clash of the titans. A multifaceted fighter, with notable Muay Thai standup and BJJ ground skills, Potts will put his title on the line against Andrew Van Zyl in November.

3.       Norman “Chef” Wessels (4-2)
Despite losing the EFC Africa Heavyweight title to Ruan Potts in June, Wessels proved he is deserved of a spot on this list. The former champion looked to have Potts in trouble at various times throughout their 3 round tussle and will surely be looking to reclaim his title in the near future.

4.       Andrew "One Gear" van Zyl (8-0)
Van Zyl has staked his claim as one of South Africa’s best heavyweights with an impressive eight fight winning streak. Van Zyl, who recently defeated Bernardo Mikixi, has earned himself a Heavyweight title shot against one of the most dangerous men in the division, Ruan "Fangzz" Potts in November. A win for Van Zyl would certainly shoot him up the rankings.

5.       Bernardo “Black Panther” Mikixi (4-3)
Mikixi has had his stats skewed, largely due to the EFC pitting him against top level opposition with a regularity not common in South Africa. Two of his losses have come from men on this list. While his results have been mixed, the Black Panther has continually improved and at times posed problems to van Zyl in their June fight.

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