Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Garreth McLellan vs Jeremy Smith fight preview – EFC 12

On Friday 02 March 2012, the EFC Africa middleweight division will take centre stage as reigning champion Garreth “Soldierboy” McLellan defends his middleweight title against The Pitbull, Jeremy Smith, in what is sure to be an action packed tussle at EFC Africa 12

Garreth “Soldierboy” McLellan
Garreth McLellan (6-1) displayed a solid stand-up and ground game, coupled with great composure and tactical brilliance in his fights against Wade Henderson and Jacques Joubert, whom he bested en route to becoming the first EFC Africa Middleweight champion. Soldierboy, however, has yet to be tested by any of the division’s top names (Top 5 MMA Middleweights in SouthAfrica) and this will surely be his toughest fight to date. That being said, McLellan is no stranger to big names and trains with some of the top fighters in the country at Fight Fit Militia, so there is no doubt he will be well prepared come March. 

Jeremy “Pitbull” Smith
Although Jeremy Smith (10-1) is renowned  for his aggression and ferocious striking, the Pitbull has shown solid ground skills in his last fights, especially defensively against ground specialist Liam Cleland at EFC Africa 9. Smith, has fought at the highest level and is currently on an impressive winning streak, including local victories against Martin van Staden, Adam Speechly and the aforementioned Liam Cleland, as well as international victories against Dustin Rhodes and Joe Ray. The Pitbull has expressed an intense hunger for the belt will bring a wealth of talent and experience to this Middleweight title fight

Fighter Comparison
I give Jeremy “Pitbull” Smith a slight advantage in the stand-up, but this will be enhanced by his aggression and one shot knock out power. On the ground I believe Garreth “Soldierboy” McLellan to be the superior fighter, but Smith’s defensive skills have neutralised better ground players and I do not believe McLellan will be able to fully capitalise on any canvas time achieved.

Smith vs McLellan Fight Prediction
No stranger to big stages, Smith will come out confident and aggressive, pressing the action against a more tentative McLellan, who will take some time to find his range and work out his opponent. Smith will continue to stalk McLellan and seemingly fire strikes at will, while Soldierboy will be looking to keep the distance, pick his shots and ultimately take the Pitbull to the ground. In the end I believe Jeremy Smith will be able to neutralise McLellan’s offence while connecting with power shots and eventually crumple the champion and force a TKO stoppage. Winner – Jeremy “Pitbull” Smith via TKO in the second round to become the new EFC Africa Middleweight champion.


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