Friday, 27 January 2012

EFC 12 Donavin Hawkey vs Tyron Rightford fight Preview

With EFC 12 just around the corner, both Donavin Hawkey and Tyron Rightford are fired up for their Middleweight clash. The two fighters have taken to twitter to exchange pleasantries and a public interest in this bout has since ensued. This however is fighting, and all the smack talk in the world isn’t worth much come fight night. So, who will win this fight where it really matters... in the Hexagon? Either way, we are in for a brutal encounter between two warriors.

Donavin “Bam Bamz” Hawkey
Donavin Hawkey (20-7) who debuted in the EFC late last year with a first round knockout of Yehia Akram Deghidy, will look to build upon his Fight force legacy, a promotion which he dominated for a couple of years. With a background in professional boxing, Hawkey has impeccable stand-up abilities, though surprisingly, the fast majority of his victories have come via submission, which highlights just how well versed Bam Bamz is on the ground. Hawkey also has a wealth of fighting experience, having dabbled in professional boxing, won and defended titles in MMA and fought some of the biggest names in the country, including Rico Hattingh (#1 Heavyweight Rankings). Donavin Hawkey is certainly one of the most well rounded and dangerous MMA fighters in the country and will look to prove this come March 2nd.

Tyron “The Rush” Rightford
Tyron Rightford (3-0) is somewhat of an enigma in the MMA community. With his karate background, The Rush brings a somewhat unorthodox style to the cage which has baffled many of his previous foes. His striking speed and precision is beautiful to watch, and can end fights in an instant. Rightford however has not been thoroughly tested in all facets of his game, and this makes it very difficult to judge just how adept he is in these departments. If history repeats itself however, we shall never know. Fresh off a big win against Jacques Joubert at EFC 11, Tyron Rightford could catapult himself into the halls of the MMA elite with a win over Donavin Hawkey.

Fighter Comparison
Donavin Hawkey has proven time and time what a complete fighter he is, I would give him the edge over Rightford on the ground, as well as the mental edge due to his experience. Standing up, I think this could be a fairly even contest, though I do give Rightford a speed advantage, which could be significant on the night.

Hawkey vs Rightford Fight Prediction
The longer this fight progresses, the more I believe it favours Hawkey. Having more tools at his disposal and vast experience, Hawkey will look to figure out Rightford and exploit his weaknesses over time. The latter rounds, if we get there , will belong to Hawkey. That being said, I believe that Tyron Rightford will continue his vein of form, using his superior speed to land a devastating strike early on and take the upset victory via TKO in the first.


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